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HAMAMATSU Photonics (China) Co, Ltd (HPC) is established on Oct 8. 2011.The headquarters located in Beijing. There is a branch office in Shanghai. HPC is the business center for HAMAMATSU Photonics K.K. to operate marketing activities such as product sales, technical support ,after-sales service , and we are fully responsible for all the HPK products sales and services in China . There are two bonded warehouse in Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone and Shanghai Waigaoqiao free trade zone.
冻干(Lyophilization) 是相对希腊词“solvent-loving”衍生出来的。也就是说凡是能够冷冻干燥的物质都能很好的再水化。
The new IX3 is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging designed with the scientist’s workflow in mind. Built on a robust foundation and able to grow as your needs evolve, the IX3 features flexible construction with an easy-access light path and offers high-definition widefield imaging with minimal loss of light. Equipped with a camera, the IX3 provides fast user-friendly, high resolution digital imaging with high reproducibility.
Semrock , 是艺达思集团旗下的子公司,拥有全球领先的离子束溅射镀膜技术(Ion-Beam-Sputtered ,IBS) ,生产的光学滤光片广泛应用于荧光显微镜、生命科学和分析设备以及激光和光学系统等领域。离子束溅射镀膜技术(IBS)是一项最顶级的薄膜处理技术,通过该技术,可以得到最亮、光谱特性最复杂、最经久耐用的镜片。Semrock 独有的设计流程和制造工艺确保其生产出顶级品质和重复性极佳的产品,成功服务于一系列世界领先的OEM 制造商.....
The EVOS® Onstage Incubator is an environmental chamber designed specifically for the EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System. It enables precise control of temperature, humidity, and three gases for time‐lapse imaging of live cells under both physiological and non‐physiological conditions, such as hypoxia. Environmental settings and image acquisition parameters are all seamlessly integrated into the EVOS® FL Auto interface, creating a high‐performance inverted imaging system with unmatched flexibility, ease of use and a superb optical performance for demanding live cell time‐lapse imaging experiments....
Bruker’s Vutara 350 is at the leading edge of super-resolution microscopy, making it the world’s first video nanoscope with the fastest super-resolution, single-molecule localization (SML) commercially available. The Vutara 350 enables 3D SML and video-rate nanoscopy through Bruker’s proprietary ResEnhanced™ and Quadfield™ technologies.
The Vutara 350 is the first and only system of its kind, opening a new realm of research possibilities. „ Video-rate single-molecule localization microscopy „ Live-cell, super-resolution protocols and workflows „ Designed for biologists-expert images the day ....
FilamentTracer is fully integrated with Imaris, enabling users to leverage its impressive range of 3D and 4D visualization capabilities as well as its image editing and processing and analysis functions all in one window. The ideal combination for FilamentTracer is Imaris MeasurementPro for measurement of distance, volume and intensity changes. When combined with ImarisTrack, the FilamentTracer becomes a tool for detection and analysis of temporal changes in length and volume of developing spines and dendrites caused by developmental and environmental factors. Together with Imaris XT it can be taken even further and spines can be classified by diameter, size.....
Designed with and by pathologists, TissueView provides an intuitive and customizable workflow. On a single integrated workstation, review cases and generate reports, saving time by accessing slides from anywhere. Annotate directly onto images and measurements as you view. Share cases easily for review and quality control and complete live collaborations with multiple remote attendees for instant consultation.
We believe that innovation is the key to making digital pathology a ubiquitous reality. But for us, innovation is about more than just delivering great image quality and fast .....
In Vitro Fertilization, patch clamping, injection...modern standards in easy-tooperate micromanipulators vary widely according to differences of research and operation. Olympus manufactures a wide variety of microscopes for use with carefully selected micromanipulators to carry out specific applications with the greatest possible ease and comfort. Reliability is a key characteristic of Olympus systems, whose development aims at progressive and practical improvements in micromanipulation techniques and operation....
Recent advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies have enabled the analysis of methylation patterns on a genome-wide scale, which has led to the discovery of epigenetic variations associated with cell differentiation and with the progression of diseases such as cancer. Of particular interest are the methylation patterns from CpG islands and their role in gene regulation. Previous techniques, including ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, MEDiP, MSRE-seq, and whole-genome sequencing of DNA treated with sodium bisulfite, fail to ....
使用透明恒温台可在用显微镜观察时的温度控制进行的更为准确、更为可靠。是采用独特的控制方式、加热玻璃板的温度的热稳定性高的自动温度控制系统。 透明恒温台是用显微镜进行观察时能使样品正下方保持一定温度的透明玻璃发热体。....

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